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Scuba Diving in the Caribbean Islands

Imagine Scuba Diving off your own yacht straight into crystal clear and warm waters, blending into the fish world and the underwater nature.

Enjoy the unspoiled beauty of the most fascinating reefs still alive in the world today, while on your Sailboat Vacation.

Friendly Stingray in The British Virgin Islands

In the Virgin Islands, go Scuba Dive through some of fascinating and interesting wrecks.

Including the most famous being the RMS Rhone, a huge British mail ship that sank in a hurricane in 1867.

Hawksbill Turtle in Tortola
Another wreck to Scuba Dive during your Sailboat Vacation is the Chikuzen, north of Tortola.
Choose from over 100 Scuba Diving sites in the Virgin Islands mostly in the Sir Francis Drake channel.
Diving the Wreck of the Rhone

St.Barths, where Scuba Dive sites fall into two separate areas, the main Diving area extends from the main town of Gustavia, with several sites no more than five minutes from the entrance to Gustavia.

Mantaray in St Barths

The Grenadines are a small groups of islands and offer many Scuba Dive sites suitable for beginner as well as advanced divers.

Surrounding the islands is the Caribbean Sea, which is among the clearest and cleanest in the world.

All of Saba and its underwater world is protected as a nature reserve and marine park. Scuba Diving there is not allowed without a pre-arranged local dive operator.

You could see turtles, lobsters, angelfish and much more while you learn the ropes of Scuba Diving in this this fascinating underwater world.

Stingray in the Chicuzan
Intact Corral Forrests in the Caribbean

The Southern Grenadines offer the largest variety of fish and corals.

As most of the area is a marine park; this is the place to be for your Scuba Diving Sailboat Vacation in unspoiled underwater beauty.

Scuba Certification during chartering

Get PADI Certified while cruising

New certified divers

Practice your first open-water Dive with our PADI Scuba Dive Instructor and then see the most fascinating reefs still alive in the world.

Learn the basics of Scuba Diving in amazing Caribbean warm waters, see its marine life in the open sea during your Sailing and Diving Sailboat Vacation!

Discover the world of Scuba Diving with a beginner’s Scuba Diving course, specially tailored to you! You’ll begin with a two-hour Scuba Diving class, learning the basics of equipment operation and care, breathing techniques and underwater communication.

Scuba Diving the Caribbean islands, tailored to your own Sailboat Vacation schedule!

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