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Retail Shopping Therapy

Retail Shopping Therapy, one of the best reasons to ‘take a break’ from sailing and explore local shops in charming Caribbean towns and villages.

Shopping is both a therapeutic and a social event.

The very act of shopping enhances your well-being. It triggers the brain to release dopamine into your system, as it’s linked to the reward system of the brain, which triggers feelings of enjoyment.

This makes it easy to justify that you are shopping under doctor’s orders: It’s therapy.

And with the very attractive tax-free and duty-free prices, it’s an affordable and fun therapy! Visitors like shopping in local Shopping streets with stores, boutiques and charming places to relax your tired feet endlessly line these authentic boulevards.

For complete therapeutic optimization, the key is to know where to do your Shopping what and where stores are located.

You need a plan and your charter crew will be happy to help you to find the ultimate "cant't-be'without-it" item!



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