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From passion to profession!


Love for the Sea, People, Food,

foreign Languages, new Cultures...


Our Passion.. Your gain!



Originating from Switzerland, Leila left 1981 and headed east to San Francisco, improving English skills.


After returning to Europe, extensive trips to the Sahara desert in North Africa triggered the travel bug influenza. Working in Italy in a Trattoria helped to discover the new passion; cooking! Awwe, that Italian food! Bring it on...


Passion for food and Italian language kept her in Italy, and lets be honest; the men aren't that bad either. But nevertheless after five years she packed up the dog and car, driving all the way to Athens, Greece, where her father originally is from.

New foods and cultures to explore. Yay...


However, the big hot crazy city wasn't for her, so she followed a dream and soon thereafter opened the first of a Italian franchise fashion boutique in Crete, Greece, and fell in love with the island. Yassou! Greece, Beach & Sea, Sirtaki and Suflaki!


Opportunity called and a quick move back to Switzerland, the chance to work for a famous French designer could not be ignored. Fashion and design being her official degree, back to the roots and dress up more fashionable then in just a bikini and flip flops.


But eventually in May 1995, Leila sat on a flight en-route to The Virgin Islands and was smitten... a year later she called the Caribbean "home" and sailed extensively on her 48ft Catamaran Belline ll, which she successfully turned into a very busy crewed charter yacht.


After twenty years of Cruising, Cooking, Coordinating & Diving, she is an expert on all the Caribbean Destinations and knows almost every shell on the uncounted fantastic Beaches.


The infectious travel bug bite again hard, and learning Spanish was on the bucket list which included moving dogs and ten suite cases to Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Samba and Tango, her two furry kids, very much enjoyed the city's pet loving people, the parks and all the fellow doggy friends.


Soon followed extensive traveling throughout Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and even the Falkland Islands, including a exciting sailing the Antarctica, with of course the circumnavigation of the Cape Horn... that topped it all!


Since May 2015 all three are happily back in the sunny Caribbean and enjoy life again at the beach. Some prefer it warm...



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