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Most romantic sundowns on deck

Fine dining al-fresco



The popularity of Catamarans has grown in the past 20 years for one obvious reason; Catamarans are a considerable stable, yet a fast, smooth sailing experience with the maximum of  comfort, space and speed. They have quite a bit of sail power and usually little weight; thus are nicely and easly maneuverable.


In shallow areas Catamarans allow anchoring very close at these beautiful Caribbean beaches. The two platforms on the back allow easy water access for all your activities, easy for the dives off the yacht.






The spacious Catamarans layout provides sleeping accommodations mostly in the opposite corners, this allows you a lot of privacy.


The Catamarans cabins offer enough room for queen-sized beds, some even walk around and comfortable en-suite head and showers and some more luxurious ones come even with a tub or jet shower!

Catamarans remains level while sailing, thus a very comfortable and enjoyable Sailing experience.

Surpass YOUR YACHTING daydreams

Book a most memorable Boat vacation

Enjoy SCUBA DIVING and BVI Sailing



Surpass YOUR YACHTING daydreams

Book a most memorable Boat vacation

Enjoy SCUBA DIVING and BVI Sailing

Traditional sailing on a sleek Sailboat, feeling the power of the yacht by tacking hard into the wind...

Enjoy the freedom, choose your daily activities, the tranquility in a peaceful anchorage, explore CARIBBEAN ISLANDS, party

the night away in a beach bar.

Motor Yachts


Have you ever dreamed of living the celebrity lifestyle aboard a crewed luxury Motoryacht, cruising the Caribbean Islands, exploring the beautiful beaches and snorkel in turquoise blue waters, see all kinds of tropical fish, not to mention these spectacular bright red sunsets?


On a luxury Motor Yacht you are not depended on the wind, you will arrive at your island destinations in no time. Perfect for the sailor that desires a greater distance mobility, in and around the islands. Please note; with the smallest amount of available yacht options, its advisable to book well in advance to secure the Motoryacht of your desire.


Feel like a millionaire on a luxury Motor Yacht, its massive deck space, the all air-conditioned interior with its spacious salons and state rooms, simple sit back and relax. Experience a luxury charter in comfort and style.


A charter on a crewed luxury Motor Yacht  is not for celebrities only, its perfect for family and friends reunions, or corporations enjoying a reward/team building experience.


Each luxury Motor Yacht is outfitted with state of the art electronics and technology for your safety and comfort. The variety and choice of equipment is endless for you to enjoy all the  water sport activities, like snorkeling and scuba diving, enought to distract you, your friends or family from everyday stress.


Open your world, step on board a luxury Motoryacht, enjoy the ultimate in luxury, privacy and freedom.

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