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The Windward Islands

The Caribbean Windward's are naturally a bit windier, hence the name.

Sailing around St. Vincent and the Grenadines

The Windward's start from Martinique, over to St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, ending with Grenada and the twin islands Trinidad & Tobago.

Escape the hectic and sail this lush and tropical garden region, experience the unforgettable nature, drop anchor in secluded bays and lagoons with turquoise seas and these incredible powdered white beaches.

Over thirty, mostly uninhabited smaller and bigger islands are awaiting you, idyllic anchorages, incredible dive sites, some of the most stunning beaches and the snorkeling is just as exciting as diving.

Swim ashore to a beach bar or restaurant, enjoy fresh caught lobster off the BBQ, relax, explore, and enjoy all what the Windward's of the Caribbean can offer.

At the Tobago Keys; Grab your Snorkel equipment and awe yourself with sights of green turtles, aquarium alike colorful fish, all within the protected area of the lagoon.

Best Scuba diving in the Marine Park will surprise you, start inside the Horseshoe Reef, to the deeper and for the advanced and experienced diver, go to the more dramatic sites outside the reef, or around Sail Rock.

Find a variety of colorful corals, fans and whips, sightings of nurse sharks and eagle rays are also common here.

The Mayreau Gardens, a shallow dive or snorkel site, offers a intact and very popular coral reef system, being one of the most extensive and well-developed coral reefs in the Windward's.

Your sailing adventure starts typically in St Vincent, then over to Mustique, where the rich and famous dropped anchor back in the 70ies, but of course still today is one of the most posh places to be.

Canuoan being next on your itinerary, has a well formed barrier reef and offers many unforgettable snorkel and scuba diving opportunities. Turtles are attracted to the unique formation and its a good place them to lay there eggs on the protected beach.

Why not stretch your legs and go on a small hike? Along the coastal site and northern of Canuan one can find uninterrupted views of the nearby islands. Find white sandy beaches in secluded coves, hike the trails to the ruin of the small gun battery, enjoy fabulous views.

Grenada, consisting of the three small islands, Carriacou and Petit Martinique, is known for its spices, beaches and famous waterfalls.

Being of volcanic origin, Grenada has a mountainous interior, with the tallest being Mount Saint Catherine, being over 2750 ft above sea level.

The national dish consists of all the organically grown and harvested fresh ingrediences like dasheen, breadfruit and several root vegetables. Some add salted meat or seafood, all cooked in coconut milk, curry is a popular spice added to "Oildown". Drink a refreshing sugar apple juice or a locally distilled rum punch.

St. George’s is Grenada’s capital city and is situated in the crater of a long extinct volcano.

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