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Family Vacation

A pampered Family Vacation customized by your own crew on a charter yacht.

Family Vacation on a Charter Yacht

Bring the Teen...(?)

Lets be honest; Teens tend to prefer to stay home, sleep all day and rather chat on their phones with friends, then vacationing with the uncool people.... US!

Teen on phone

We know...its a hard job for parents, it needs not only a lot of flexibility & patience, but OHHH so MUCH of it.

But wait... there is hope!

Teenagers are to discover the love to water sport, to enjoy a diving resort course or even get SCUBA certified.

Sometimes its a good thing to bring their friend along so the teens can do their own cool stuff and don't need to hang with the not so cool.. US AGAIN!

Family Vacation - Fun for all

A Family Sailboat Vacation should be fun and for everyone, just relax and let them work it out alone for a week, this will be so "cool" for them.

We are here to help and guide you simple for you to experience the best stress-free Family Sailboat Vacation you have dreamed of.

Awesome memories created, everyone will be talking of this trip for years to come.

Incredible memories on a Family Vacation on a Charterd Yacht

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