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Are you looking for the perfect wedding location?

Get married on the beach

-celebrate your honeymoon-

renew your wedding vows!

Perfect romantic Caribbean wedding location


Are you looking for the perfect location for your special day, then this is it!

Sip champagne by Moonlight with all the sparkling stars... or on a calm deserted beach just the two of you and a picnic basket....

Wedding at the Beach

Imagine getting married in the Caribbean under a palm tree bare feet in a the white sand.

The idea that a ship's captain can marry a couple at sea is a bit sailors myth; but if your heart is set on being married on a yacht or the beach, you are on the right place here!

We can help you to arrange it all for you.

Combine the most beautiful day of your life with the most beautiful week of your life and at the most beautiful place on earth!


The requirements for getting married in the BVI's are not at all that difficult to realize. Its sure one of the most beautiful places on earth also to spend your honeymoon or your anniversary!

A British Virgin Islands marriage license with the Registrar-General’s seal is a official legal documents and valid internationally.
Beach wedding in the British Virgin Islands

Your step by step guide:

At the Attorney General's office, where you acquire your:

  • $110.00 (in BVI postage stamps) for a Special License for those traveled to the BVI's the min of three days in advance.$50.00 (in BVI postage stamps) for an Ordinary License for those traveled to the BVI's for 15 days or more.

  • Your passport as proof of identity and date of arrival in the British Virgin Islands.

  • Proof of marital status (certified or original copies of decree absolute for divorced spouses or death certificates for deceased spouses.)

  • Two witnesses: needed to sign the license application, they must be present at the ceremony, when you are getting married

Then you need to walk over to the Registrar-General's Office to schedule an appointment for the date and time you like to get married.

  • The names of the two parties as it appears on your travel document

  • The ages of both parties

  • The occupation of both parties

  • Marital status

  • The names of the two witnesses to the ceremony

Best is to travel with proof of identity; passports, driver's license, original birth certificates and certified copies of your marital status.

Blood tests are not necessary.

You can prepare your Marriage License application online.

Text accredit to BVI Welcome Magazine, Thank you!

Now you only have to find your "best palm tree" location

Romantic Gettaway, perfect location

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