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Caribbean White Powdered Beaches

The most relaxing place to get away from "it all" is lounging at one of the many white powdered sand unspoiled Caribbean Beaches.

Are you traveling with young children or a mature vacationer looking to unleash your wild side?

From the clothing-optional shores of St.Martin's Orient Beach to the child-friendly shallow waters of The Virgin Islands, just grab your swimsuit, slather on a hearty layer of sunscreen and make your way to one of these top Beach destinations – best to discover on your own Luxury Charter Yacht!

There are thousands of islands in the Caribbean. But even if you're a regular to the region, some of the most secluded Beaches and waterfront establishments still remain secret.

You can embark on a fact-finding mission, combing every Beach and islet from The Virgin Islands to The Grenadines and become style-savvy Caribbean expert yourself.

Here our favorites; Caribbean must-see spots on your next island


Honeymoon Beach, St. John

One of seven Beaches that make up Caneel Bay, Honeymoon Beach

is part of the 5,000-acre The Virgin Island National Park, this Beach

is one of the Caribbean's most popular. There are no huts or cabanas,

just empty stretches and neon-colored coral reefs, lie on the endless

white sand and watch the Sailboats—and the world—go by.

Anegada, British Virgin Islands

More than 300 ships wrecks are hidden in the reefs surrounding

this deceptively tiny islet. The part you see is only 15 miles around.

But on the north end's Loblolly Bay, the reef is so close to the crescent-shaped shore that waves are reduced to lapping white foam.

Little Bay Beach, Anguilla

To reach this remote cove, you have only access on your yacht or

climb down 66 feet on the fishnet ladder carefully tied to the bluff's

top. The difficult approach is worth the work; you're rewarded with 80

yards of talcum sand, walled in by high cliffs on three sides.

St. Maarten/St. Martin

Take your pick. This island, divided about equally between France

and the Netherlands, has 39 white sandy Beaches. Our favorites include

Long Bay, Mullet Bay Beach, Maho Bay Beach, and Little Bay Beach

on the Dutch side. Bay Rouge, Grand Case with all the best Caribbean

restaurants lined up, Orient Beach is another standout -- not because

of its gorgeous white sand alone, a smaller area is clothes optional.

St. Barths'

Colombier Beach tends to be one of St. Barths' most deserted stretches of sand because it can only be reached by Yacht from Gustavia or via a half-hour hike from Flamands Beach. Also known as Rockefeller Beach, Anse Colombier is worlds away from the island's bustling capital, with calm waters, good snorkeling, and privacy aplenty.

Tobago Keys

For your Robinson Crusoe Sailing experience in the southern

Caribbean, head to the little islands of the Tobago Keys.

Even locals here on weekends to enjoy the Beach life. It doesn't get

any better than that. Long white coral Beaches, small islands with the

obligatory coconut treas and a shallow reef to snorkel.

La Sagesse, Grenada

A nature preserve at the end of a one-mile, rock-studded road

(note the grazing cows), this half-mile of sand curves along a cliff dense with coconut palms. Have your lunch at the rustic seaside restaurant, then rummage through booksellers' stalls beneath the almond trees.


Looking for that perfect all-over tan?

If you're looking for a nude Beach in the Caribbean, you'll fine more in the French and Dutch islands, fewer in the islands formerly ruled by Great Britain, which tend to be more culturally conservative.

For example, all-nude sunbathing raises nary an eyebrow in St. Barths, whereas Virgin Islanders may frown on tourists wearing a bikini anywhere other than the Beach. Just don't forget to apply sunscreen liberally in those, ahem, sensitive areas!

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