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Fishing, a fun activity to look forward

Get your line in the water and start fishing while comfy trawling the baits between the islands

Mahi Mahi- Gold Makrel- Dorade

Fishing yacht for charter

Large Mahi Mahi- Gold Makrel- Dorade

Chartering a yacht in the British Virgin Islands will offer you a variety of places to do various types of fishing.

The BVI Government requires you to obtain a fishing license of per person 18+ years old for about $60.00.

A relative small price to pay for a fresh dinner and the great fun while on your Sailboat Vacation.

So let’s fish, but keep in mind that not all fish can be eaten.

Oh and by the way… one of the world’s largest marlin was caught in the British Virgin Islands.

A 7,000 ft drop-off shelf offers almost every kind of the big fishes to be hooked.

But your yacht and valued vacation time is probably not intended to be "just a fishing trip".

If you are interested in renting a fishing motorboat, speak to your crew and they can organize it.

Or fly-fishing is big fun too, professionals can bring you to the massive reefs surrounding the islands.

Horse Eye Jack- In the Leward Islands and north  not recomandable to eat due to reef poison

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