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Go Snorkeling!

Ducking your head in the incredibly clear Caribbean warm waters just off about any Caribbean island can dazzle you with sights beyond compare.
Fantastic snorkeling in the Caribbean

Anyone can learn how-to Snorkel very quickly

Snorkeling is great fun
All you really need for a great Snorkeling adventure, are a mask, snorkel and fins.
No need to carry all your Snorkeling gear with you, most Sailboats carry them.
Childrens first snorkel experience
With all that’s out there to be explored, it’s no wonder that the Caribbean is home to many of the world’s most popular Snorkeling and Scuba Diving destinations.
Around the BVI's great snorkeling
Friendly bright yellow fish darting between flame-colored coral, the untouched seabed and the fragile sea anemones are dancing in the current.
Just part of the wonders that can be found under the waves.
Explore the fish world when snorkeling
The most important thing for you to remember is that Snorkeling and Diving are two very different activities.
Kids love to to snorkel
Snorkelers and Divers can actually visit and enjoy many of the same spots, but certain locations are not suitable for both activities.
Snorkeling great for children
Got it? Come Snorkeling to the Caribbean!
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