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Hiking in the Caribbean

Hiking is becoming an important activity, with preservation in mind of the Caribbean 's natural resources, trees, plants and animals in their native habitat are precisely what Caribbean visitors want to see.

Our list of the favorite Caribbean hikes should give you an idea of the tremendous variety of experiences are awaiting you. Caribbean governments are recognizing that walking and hiking paths, on the beaches, through the rain forests and across the high mountain peaks, are among the West Indies' greatest natural attractions.

Petroglyph Pool St. John

Virgin Islands:

St. John Two-thirds of it is a national park

crisscrossed with 20 different hiking trails. The Reef Bay Trail with the detour to the Petroglyph Pool and the Ram Head hike are a hikers favorites. Other trails go into the mountains through the rich vegetation and up to summits for rewarding views of the Caribbean Sea.

The Baths Virgin Gorda


The higher elevations of Mt. Sage and the ridge line of the middle of the island trap more moisture than the coast and, as a result, the vegetation is much thicker and very lush.

Norman Island:

Most famous for the caves just south of Treasure Point and as

the location of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island where he did sail the

waters around the island.

Virgin Gorda, The Baths

Find a astonishing pile of giant boulders on the beach creates a maze of passageways

and pools fun to explore, almost in the shadow of the real Treasure Island.

Iles Fourche- St.Barths

St. Barts

St. Barthélemy lies 15 miles southeast of St. Martin and is decidedly French. Lack of rainfall, coupled with the rough terrain, has prevented St. Barth from developing agricultural crops. As a result, much of the island is sparsely inhabited. Walking on the island is easy to moderate and if you are looking for relaxed walking then St. Barth is for you.

Sint Maarten/Saint Martin

Dominating the scenery at about 1,400 feet in elevation is Pic Paradis, the highest

point on the island. In addition to hiking, your crew can organize one of the three

treetop adventure obstacle courses with zip lines as well as many other obstacles:

Ti'Tarzan for the young, the FlyZone for adults and the FlyZone Extreme for

the eco-adventure thrill seekers.

Saba Island Rain Forrest


Hiking and Diving are definitely amongst Saba´s highlights. The seven main trails provide

spectacular views. Climb to the peak of The Mountain, find palms, huge tree ferns, wild flowers and orchids here and enter an enchanted forest. Tall moss-covered stairs with fog only to create a bizarre surreal atmosphere.

Vulcano La Soufriere St.Vincent

La Soufriere Volcano in St.Vincent:

at 4'048 ft (1'233mt) above sea level, this is a full day hiking tour and a highlight, the actual hiking up the volcano is around 3 hrs!

Most popular hiking route is from Rabacca and a 2 hour steady uphill climb to the crater’s edge. The hiking trail passes through beautiful rain forest, before arriving at the volcanic rock and ash-strewn rim of this awesome crater. Immense in its size, with an active lava dome located at its center.

Vulcano St Vincent Crater

Hike around the crater’s edge and then down through the forest, until Richmond on the Leeward coast. It is also possible to go down into the crater and walk around the active dome - a rope stretches all the way down a steep trail to the crater floor, add a further two hours or so, but rewarding and unforgettable hike!

Grenada's Mt. Qua Qua

Grenada's Mt. Qua Qua

Caribbean,'s lushest island, Grenada offers many moderate-difficulty climbs to several fabulous waterfalls and cascades, with only a few known to public. You can choose between a gentle stroll to Annadale Falls; or, if you are energetic and fit, a 20 minute hike gets you to the Seven Sisters and Honeymoon Falls.

Honeymoon Falls

​Not a very difficult hike to the falls, about 45 minutes, taking you through a private plantation where you can see cocoa, nutmeg and banana trees. The trail can get a little muddy, so it is advisable to wear something you are not particularly fond of. Of course, when the trail is muddy, it is also a lot more fun.

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