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"What will we do for a week on board a yacht"?

"What will we do for a week on board a yacht"? The response is that you can do all the things, especially Water Sports, that you would do if staying in a hotel or resort, but in addition to this, you have the freedom to move from one location to another at any time you please!

Change your beach every day!

A Caribbean Sailboat Vacation offers a large variety of Water Sport activities, just in case simple to lay back and enjoying the scenery, sunbathing, swimming, reading, listening to music and exploring the islands isn’t enough.

The Water Sport activities available to you on board will differ with the location you choose to charter. If you have an active Family group, with young children and teens or older, active couples you may want to opt for your Caribbean Sailboat Vacation destination, where plenty of variety are on offer, such as the British and US Virgins Islands, St.Maarten/St.Martin plus St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

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